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GGDS 2017


Since 2012, CLEAN-AFRICA e.V. in partnership with the African Good Governance Network (AGGN) have held Good Governance Debate Series regularly (GGDS). Both AGGN and CLEAN-AFRICA see Good Governance as the cornerstone of sustainable development in Africa and other developing countries. Most students with relevance to developing countries are potential leaders and community representatives. There is need to stimulate their interest in the art of competitive healthy debate and dialogue especially on good governance on a “North” – “South” and “South” – “South” Level. The Theme of GGDS for 2017 is: ‘The Refugee Crises is the Brain-Child of the EU failed Foreign Policies not Climate Change’ The EU is one of the most influential international develop-ment partners of Africa and the “South”. EU foreign and security policy which covers peace and security, diplomacy and partnership, peacekeeping missions, the means to intervene and European neighbourhood policy aims to ensure that development and good governance is attained. However, there are suggestions that the EU’s development policy has achieved little in the past twenty years. EU aid to Africa is often attached to certain conditions. There has been debate over the effectiveness of aid conditionality being unable to bring about the sustained economic and political change. The EU has been unable to effectively implement the Cotonou Partnership Agreement whose three pillars: Development-, Political-, Economic- and Trade- Cooperation would move the Continent forward. Combined with the upsurge of conflict in the bigger part of Africa, these factors have led to refugee influx in Europe. The Eu, however, points more to climate change. It assumes that climate change impacts have the potential to undermine policies or projects aimed at poverty alleviation and economic development hence the push factor.

Purposes of the GGDS Debate

  • Promote intellectual debate and discourse on issues related to Good Governance in the “South”;
  • Harness and train the rhetoric capabilities, assertiveness and talents of potential leaders of Developing Countries and their “Northern” counterparts;
  • While promoting cooperation and networking the Debates also encourage not only African students but also Graduates from the global “South” to take more initiatives in bringing sustainable growth and development to their home countries.

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